BOOM Library - New SFX Library released - MEDIEVAL WEAPONS

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BOOM Library - New SFX Library released - MEDIEVAL WEAPONS

Beitrag  BOOM Library am Fr Okt 07, 2011 6:13 pm

To all Berserkers and Warlords: We have just released our new SFX Library - MEDIEVAL WEAPONS

With this library you won’t take no prisoners! An armory filled with thousands of high quality source recordings to create any kind of medieval weapon sound.

CONSTRUCTION KIT: Get ready for an incredible amount of sound effects of Hand Weapons, Ranged Weapons, Siege Weapons, Armor, Whooshes, Blood & Guts, delivered in top notch BOOM quality. Want to design some skull-breaking and orc-smashing epic battles? You need that one special heroic arrow shot? This collection is the right choice and provides the final touch for your medieval scenario.


DESIGNED: Unleash an epic medieval battle right out of the box with our DESIGNED collection. The pre-designed bone-crushing hammer impacts, deadly sword hits, wall-tearing catapult shots and much more will help you to build an incomparable medieval soundscape - Instantly. Get impressive results in no time.


Visit Boom Library - Sound Effects to learn more about this amazing collection of sound effects and to get a 15% Early Bird Discount with the coupon code: BOOM-MEDIEVAL

Have fun,


BOOM Library

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