New BOOM SFX Library released - THE INTERFACE

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New BOOM SFX Library released - THE INTERFACE

Beitrag  BOOM Library am Mi Dez 14, 2011 5:19 pm


we have released our next SFX library. It's called THE INTERFACE and let's user interfaces speak a whole new language:

It features everything from arcade jingles, generic slides and all kinds of different clicks (wood, glass, metal, etc.) to futuristic digital interface sounds for games, modern UIs, tech demos, presentations or … you name it.

  • More than 2200 SFX

Digitally pimp some gesture based UIs from the future, design some good old arcade style or use it in a completely different way as you can hear in one of the audio demos below.

We're offering a 25€ discount. Go grab your copy on and enter the coupon code: ADVENT-IF25

Thanks for your time.

Demo 1:

Demo 2: All sound from THE INTERFACE

BOOM Library

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